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General Rules

The College will be very particular to see that all students  follow the rules of discipline and code of conduct:

Strict discipline must be maintained at all times on the campus.

  • No student will be allowed to fill in  the  Annual Examination form unless he/ she has 75% of attendance in each term.
  • Absence from the lectures on medical grounds is allowed only when the student produces an authentic Medical Certificate. 
  • Cell phones are not permitted on the campus. Any cell phone seen with a student will attract immediate disciplinary action.
  • Students must not damage College property.
  • Zero Tolerance for Ragging. Ragging or bullying is not allowed in the college premises; If found , strict disciplinary action will be taken.
  • In compliance with traffic police advisory, Helmets have been made compulsory for students riding two-wheelers.
  • Students must switch OFF their vehicles at the gate, dismount and drag their two wheelers to the parking space. While leaving, the two-wheelers will be switched ON after exiting from the gate.
  • Our Junior college premises is Tobacco Free Educational Institute.


  1. Students to use a mask and make sure it covers the nose , mouth and chin.
  2. Students to maintain a distance of atlest 1 metre between themselves.
  3. Students to stay in one classroom throughout the day while teachers move between classrooms.
  4. Students not to gather and socialize in big groups upon leaving the college premises.
  5. Students to practice regular handwash and applying hand sanitizers at key moments such as entering and leaving the classroom , touching surfaces , learning materials , books etc.
  6. Students to stay home if they have signs of any infections , illness and be referred to their healthcare provider for testing and care.