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College History

To perpetuate the memory of a great scholar and his love and affection for his fellowmen, the first of Sardar Dastur Schools i.e. Sardar Dastur Noshirwan Girls High School was established in February 1893  by Khan Bahadur Meher Hoshang Dastur. Subsequently in January 1912, The Sardar Dastur Hoshang Boys High School was established and Bai Najmai Noshirwan Dastur Primary and Nursery School came up in 1953. Later in 1998, the Sardar Dastur Hormazdiar High School came into being. With the aim of giving children a comprehensive, sound, thorough and all- round education at the school level, The Sardar Dastur School Trust established the Sardar Dastur Hormazdiar Junior College in 2006.

Having completed a decade in this noble field we preserve and nurture the faculty and staff whose accomplishments contribute to our goal. This ensures that we can provide exposure to our students through effective teaching.